What exercises can be done outdoors ?

Outdoor sport is very beneficial for both the body and the mind. With this type of sport, you breathe fresh air, get plenty of vitamin D, sunlight and your body works in an open environment. However, not all sports activities are practised outdoors. So what activities can be done outdoors?

Outdoor sports: skipping

Sport is a set of sporting activities that enable a human being to ensure his or her physical and mental well-being. Among these sports activities, we can distinguish skipping, an exercise that is mainly done in the open air. This sport is mainly done outdoors. It is an effective way to work and strengthen muscles. Jumping rope is an exercise that is part of the training exercises for top athletes. It is an exercise that involves more of the body’s muscles. Beginners should start with a 15-minute set with a 20-minute break.  For the hardcore athletes, they can go at a much faster pace by jumping from one foot to the other to put more strain on the muscles of the body.

Outdoor exercise: running

Running is one of the sports exercises that can be done outdoors. It does not require any sports equipment apart from running shoes. It is an exercise that requires strength, stability of the feet and flexibility of the body. For a beginner, it is best to train regularly, which will help to improve his or her physical condition. Later on, they should progress and intensify their running, starting with short runs and progressing to long runs. During the run, it is important to insert walking breaks. This helps to calm the heart rate and also to enjoy the fresh air.

Why not do some abdominal exercises?

Doing abdominal exercises in the open air is a very good initiative. It is an extremely beneficial exercise for the body and requires more air. So you can choose public parks, as they are very large and airy. This will allow you to take advantage of the fresh air. To work on your abs, you can do half push-ups. Also, find a high surface such as a small tub and place yourself in an oblique position. Then lower your torso until your elbows meet your shoulder line. By doing this, your abdominal muscles are toned.